An analysis of chinese unique systems of confucianism daoism and legalism

The people are not just the potential enemy of the ruler: they are his major asset.

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And socially, the hereditary aristocracy that dominated the Zhou world during much of the Bronze Age ca. First, there was simply no uniform model of orderly rule in the past to be emulated. Hence, those who excel at orderly rule block the people with law; then a [good] name and lands can be attained. When it comes from a thinker who is often described as singularly authoritarian-minded, it deserves utmost attention. These belief systems all represent a different path of the geographic spreads any belief system could take, despite having originated in the same areas. Thank you for subscribing! Lewis, Mark E. Shen Dao explains: Among the people, everybody acts for himself. There were a few distinct methods of insight that emerged in Ancient China amid this time period. Legalist thinkers were at the forefront of administrative and sociopolitical innovation; they were the most ready to dispense with bygone norms and paradigms; and they were more pragmatic and result-oriented than most of their ideological rivals.

The term is simply so widespread in scholarly literature that replacing it with a new designation will just further confuse the readers. Shenzi, 16; Harris Daoist philosophy characteristically contrasts the Cosmic Dao in its naturalness, spontaneity, and eternal rhythmic fluctuation with the artificiality, constraint, and stasis of human society and culture.

Overall, the Han Feizi is considered as philosophically and literally more engaging than the Book of Lord Shang, and it has been more widely studied in China, Japan, and in the West. But probably the most influential and original of these schools was the Chan sect, which had an even stronger impact in Japan as the Zen sect.

Records of the Grand Historian. As such, his power is conceived not as the means of personal enjoyment but as the common interest of his subjects. The logician Hui Shi was a friendly rival to Zhuangziarguing against Taoism in a light-hearted and humorous manner.

Harris, Eirik Lang, What mattered to Li Si—as to Han Fei—was not doctrinal unity as such, but the imposition of the state control over intellectual life, as in all other spheres of social activity.

And [entering] the gates of riches and nobility must be through military [service]. Any group which tries to bypass engagement in agriculture and warfare—be these merchants who amass riches without tilling or talkative intellectuals who seek promotion without contributing to the state economically or militarily—should be suppressed or at least squeezed out of profits.

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Goldin and M. Both traditions have permeated Chinese culture for some 2, years. But that of the Qin dynasty would be blamed for creating a totalitarian society, thereby experiencing decline. Since the early 20th century this term has come to be widely used for classification and analysis of early Chinese thought. Overt endorsement of Shang Yang, for instance, would be all but impossible for a respected man of letters. Both are associated with an individual founder, though in the case of Daoism the figure, Laozi flourished 6th century BCE , is extremely obscure, and some aspects of his traditional biography are almost certainly legendary. Rickett, W. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. If radical restructuring of society was legitimate in the past, so it is in the present. This paradox of an entrapped sovereign, who enjoys God-like omnipotence, but who is required to refrain from any activism in order to preserve this omnipotence is one of the most fascinating manifestations of the intrinsic contradiction of the authoritarian system. This school was absorbed into Taoism's alchemic and magical dimensions as well as into the Chinese medical framework.

The lowest ranks were distributed for military achievements, particularly decapitating enemy soldiers, or could be purchased in exchange for extra grain yields; successful rank-holders could be incorporated into the military or civilian administration and thereafter be promoted up the social ladder.

These belief systems all represent a different path of the geographic spreads any belief system could take, despite having originated in the same areas.

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Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism Essay