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The space retain its own distinctiveness and sense of place through its organic structure responding to site condition level change, water features, edge, axis and other elements.

Building upon the legacies of the Indian assemblies, author proposes a contemporary interpretation of the state house in its organization and form and through its most recognizable icon, the roof. Such sources are rich in information that is unavailable from government sources, and more importantly, reflect the sentiments of the citizens that directly inhabit the area, rather than relying on public economic and social indicators.

Specifically, this thesis explores the potentials of composite sandwiches varying in thickness and material in search of architectural possibilities whose structural, formal, and aesthetic implications are a result of tuning multiple influences.

Democratic wall The graffiti wall provides a unique image to the capitol complex fostering sense of belongingness among the people. It allows Architects and Interior Designers in India to upload, share and manage their projects easily.

By extracting patterns from nature and using them to mediate light, perhaps we can simulate the healing effects of nature indoors and make spaces more 'mentally healthy' without having to make costly infrastructural interventions.

A 3D visual programming language that can represent code in space will be able to express the complex abstractions that define computational thinking more intuitively than existing tools by making them memorable in space.

In this thesis, I use a series of projects that I developed during my time at MIT as cases for interrogating the material, computational, and biological architecture mediating this information. Kazi Tarannum Hossain, Ar.

More specifically, it literature.

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