Essay on privatization of higher education in india

In this system, buttering has become important. Children are the nation builder of future and to carve them as good citizen we need to provide them with proper education so that they can become pillar of the nation's growth.

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Although apparently, the recommendation of the Ramamurti Committee appear to be very rational as it prescribes a differential fee structure on the basis of four broad slabs, in practice it is very difficult to implement.

The state has been caving in due to the pressure of organised student unions dominated by student leaders belonging to affluent parents.

This would be very unhealthy development because in the education sector, everything should not be judged on the touchstone of the profit motive. The kind of manpower needed today due to the electronics revolution needs much highly skilled and educated manpower and persons trained in professional education.

On the whole, an improvement in the standards of education could be achieved through a balanced relationship between public and private sector. It is justified that due to the privatization number of private professional institutes has increased and it is no doubt required to cope up with growing needs but this has been at the cost of quality.

Fifthly, over the years, the public sector has failed to generate resources from the recipients of education. Despite all these changes, National Knowledge Commission NKC, in its evaluation of the state of higher education in India concludes that there is quite crisis in higher education that runs deep.

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So government has to invest more and more funds in development of primary education. A stage has now come when the state is finding it very difficult to meet the democratic aspirations of the people for further expansion of educational system due to paucity of resources, because the demand for funds for the educational sector has to compete with the demand for resources for the other sector. Such segregation of children along caste and class lines, even if not by design, is unwelcome and is a root cause of elite reproduction from the upper section of the society. Many private institutions, which are working for many years and have performed well in providing quality education without any tantrums of other private schools, are very few. Government has made special efforts in this field. It helps man indoctrinate values and apply the technical know-how in real life situations. The picture will be completed only if we also look at a World Bank study of teacher absenteeism. In the course of the next 10 years, fees as a component of total recurring expenditure should contributed at least 25 per cent of total expenditure. Such teachers, who are appointed for life, are protected and believed that there is no need to teach.

Here are some important points, which should be taken into consideration while framing the policy. Many private institutions, which are working for many years and have performed well in providing quality education without any tantrums of other private schools, are very few.

It is also held that taking into account the widespread social benefits of literacy, the rate of return on primary education is the highest.

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Ramamurti Committee is unnecessarily apprehensive of the resistance by the employers not to employ graduates. In the Universities, it is less than one per cent. However, this statement does not imply that higher education will benefit the lives of everyone. On the other hand, teachers are underpaid but are expected to give their best by hook or crook. In that sense, the recommendation appears to be overdue. Ed colleges where degree is almost sold. To ensure access to higher education by weaker section of society, government has to increase public expenditure on higher education. Malcolm Adiseshaiah has classified higher education institutions in India into four groups: those founded, funded and run by the state governments; those founded, funded and run by private agencies; those founded, and run by private agencies but funded by the government; and those founded and run by private agencies but funded partly by government and partly by non-governmental sources. Children seek admission in private institutions due to the failure of state-run schools to provide quality education and many other reasons as stated above. Children admitted in Private Schools are studying at three places. As they do not attend regular classes and no training is given to them whereas Government teachers are employed in various non-educational works e.

Planning Commission, New Delhi 3.

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Essay on the Privatization of Education in India