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The intention is that eventually the MHRA will operate as a sovereign regulator outside the EMA, but with regulatory equivalence and working closely with the EMA and other international partners.

Theories of social policy

It is about bright young management consultants repeating failed economic cantations to justify inefficiency. It will be important that the UK continues to benefit from the collaboration of researchers and scientists across the EU, and that its immigration system supports its position as a global leader in life sciences. There are concerns that supplies of medicines will be interrupted after Brexit. The government expects to align where possible with these new regulations, subject to parliamentary approval. This was an era of rapid and momentous change. Removing the overly rigid competition and procurement regime currently applied to the NHS is one of a number of proposals for legislative change set out in the NHS long-term plan with the aim of accelerating progress towards integrated care. It has nothing to say about the cost of debt repayment. We can do better.

We invite you to let us know what you think and join the debate by adding your comments below the essays or by tweeting using the hashtag NHSif. Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Paul Nurse, Chief Executive of the Francis Crick Institute, has warned that Brexit could be a disaster for science in the UK because of its impact on the free movement of researchers across Europe and on the ability of UK researchers to attract research funding Ghosh Press release.

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Clarity about clinical trials regulations will be critical, particularly for research into rare diseases and paediatric medicine. The UK has furthered its scientific research agenda through EU collaboration, as a result of access to European research talent and to important sources of funding.

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By entering, the entrants, including the winner, agree to allow the free use of their names, photographs and general locations for publicity and news purposes during this competition. In the event of a no-deal Brexit the government has said that the UK will recognise medical devices approved for the EU market and CE-marked and comply with other EU regulation for medical devices though will have no formal presence at EU committees in respect of devices.

The NHS is about being civilised; as we dismantle it, we become less civilised. This is the case whether they are set to gain from outsourcing and privatisation, or are merely captured by the shadows on the collective cave of our economic discourse.

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how political ideologies have affected the NHS