Research paper on airlift fermentor

The temperature was maintained at 30 8C by viously described and the results were referred to the circulation of temperature-controlled water. The main operating variables are primarily the gas input rate and, to a lesser extent, the top clearance Ct, the distance between the upper part of the draft tube and the surface of the non-aerated liquid.

This can happen only with very small bubbles, in which case the free-rising velocity of the bubbles is negligible with respect to the liquid velocity.

introduction of air lift bioreactor

Pre-culture of the fungus The effect of pH on the activity of laccase from T. Gas separator The gas separator is often overlooked in descriptions of experimental airlift bioreactor devices, although it has considerable influence on the fluid dynamics of the reactors.

All rights reserved. Downcomer In the downcomer, the liquid flows downward and may carry bubbles down with it.

concentric draft tube airlift fermenter

It is difficult to generalize the performance of the bioreactor according to the process for which the airlift will be employed. In the airlift, liquid recirculation occurs due to the four distinct sections; the riser, downcomer, gas separator and bottom or base.

Research paper on airlift fermentor

It is difficult to generalize the performance of the bioreactor according to the process for which the airlift will be employed. Flow configuration 3. However, provision can be made by increasing the gas disengagement at the top to improve the liquid recirculation as in the case for anaerobic fermentation. Reducing sugars tely after its addition and at the following time intervals: They were measured by a dinitrosalicylic acid method 5, 23, 27, 32, 48, 72 and h. With the compost to bed volume ratio of , the permeability increase significantly compared to the soil and sandstone. Introduction The bubble column and airlift bioreactors are pneumatically agitated and often employed in bioprocesses where gas-liquid contact is important. Influence of temperature on laccase stability from T.

The different measuring techniques often used cannot discriminate diffusion and convection for mixing whiles others disturb process flow.

The assays were done twice and the 2.

introduction of air lift bioreactor

Phenol Red is shown in Fig. The sample without enzyme did not present study agreed well with such data.

Bubble column fermenter

The aim of the present work was to develop a laccase production can be enhanced in a great variety of system enabling high laccase activities to be produced ligninolytic fungi by the addition of compounds such as for prolonged times without operational problems. Glucose, measured as reducing sugars, study. Influence of pH on laccase stability from T. Studies have been documented during the last two decades with various correlations applicable for hydrodynamic parameters [ 3 - 5 ]. J Gen Microbiol laccase production by white-rot fungi. The airlift differs from the bubble column by the introduction of inner draft tubes which improves circulation, whereas the bubble column is a simple tower. The churn-turbulent regime can be produced from homogeneous bubbly flow by increasing the gas flow rate. For bubbles to be entrapped and flow downward, the liquid velocity must be greater than the free-rise velocity of the bubbles. This decolourisation was most efficient at pH 5. The flow in the airlift is ordered and in a cyclic pattern like in a loop beginning from top through to bottom. However, most of them Gumery et al. Measurement of cellulase activities. In addition, it was able to decolourise the sulphonephthalein dye Phenol Red.

Download preview PDF. Effect of inducers on laccase production by T.

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Research paper on airlift fermentor