The boost in confidence and new experiences that contributed to the success of celie in the color pu

I needs to be free of this bastard and these white people.

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I needs to love and laugh. However, Celie transforms throughout the course of the novel and manages to realize herself as a colorful, beautiful, and proud human being.

By binding together women get more courage to step up for their selves. The Color Purple, above all else, is the story of Celie's growth and self-discovery, which she achieves through her own commitment to herself and through the help of Nettie and Shug. They are not all mean like Pa and Albert, or beaten down like ma was.

She is a good-looking woman, and can get just about any man to do anything for her. As we are growing older during our childhood we depend on our environment, parents, and peers to create our self-image.

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He is influenced and inspired by the women and is determined to change his thoughts and actions and treat black women like they have the same rights as black men have.

This epistolary novel a novel in which the narrative is carried forward by letters takes place during the early twentieth century, where slavery still existed in the South, and black people lived discriminating lives Much of the story is told to us, instead of enacted, and the sound-alike songs usually halt the progress of the show instead of advancing the story or revealing more about the characters.

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According to Christian theology human beings have displayed a pre-disposition to sin since the Fall of Humankind. Nettie ran away from home.

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