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I am referring to the bluefin tuna debate on page Watson was captaining the Farley, a rusty North Sea trawler built in Norway in The Institute for Cetacean Research harvests whales within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, fifty million square kilometres designated a protected area by the I.

As a child, Watson looked up to his maternal grandfather, Otto Larsen, a painter and bare-knuckled boxer who was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and the Boer War and later became a war resister. A diplomat might say that the Japanese whaling fleet is technically complying with the rules of the I.

Watson shared his passion for animals and the environment through his involvement with numerous other organizations, including Defenders of Wildlife, Friends of the Wolf, Fund for Animals, the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, and the Sierra Clubof which he was director — They had to get the police to kick him out.

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He has been barred from I.

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Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, a man who rams whalers for a living